About  Shari &

Coastal Charm Weddings

It all started when  I married this handsome guy many years ago and I discovered a passion I did not know I had! I love all the weddings I have ever been a part of and there is nothing I would rather do than help couples create a personal and unique wedding that speaks to their hearts! 

Fast forward a few years (ok several years) & spending time working with some amazing, award winning  wedding planners life opened the door for me to say goodbye to corporate event planning and open my own business! Now I am living the dream, doing what I do best and loving what I do!

Outside of planning celebrations, I am a sucker for a beautiful sunset, I cry at every wedding I have ever been too, I love to bargain hunt and find treasures in little roadside boutiques, love spending time with family doing pretty much anything, & I will never turn down a girls weekend or having a bottle of wine (or two) with good friends!  

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The Details Matter!

When I first book a wedding and get to know my clients, my mind just gets going on all the little things that will help make their big day unique & be everything they ever dreamed of! I learn about their passions & favorite things so we can create a day that is truly their own! When it is all said and done, the couples and families I work with are more to me than just a booking, they become friends & feel like family. We have shared in their hopes & dreams, their tears and laughter and we will do everything we can to make their wedding day the best it can be!

Why do i love my job? At the end of the day when every candle is lit, every flower placed, every boutonniere pinned, every guest seated, we  stand back and take a look at what we helped create. In that moment, all the planning and design, all the hard work and long hours tell a beautiful love story of a new family that we are proud and honored to be a part of!